Dark Horse Comics Announces New Alien 3 Comic!

After a tease on Alien Day, Dark Horse Comics finally pulls the curtain on the big announcement. They will be a release a new series based on Willam Gibson’s early draft. This is quite a nice surprise. The story of the many scripts of Alien 3 are of legend at this stage it is going to be great to see one of the more stories scripts get a visual treatment.

But why now? Why would Fox want this out there? Do I have a theory? Of course I do! Neil Bloomkamp’s Alien movie is no longer a reality. Much to the dismay of many fans, the chance to see Ripley, Hicks, and Newt together one more time on the big screen are now dead. Not happening. However, with the release of this Alien 3 comic book series we will once again see some of our favorites back in action again.

The first issue releases on November 7th. Expect plenty of analysis on this one with my fellow Company cohoorts at Perfect Organism and Yutani! Until next time…stay frosty..

For more information check out CBR.com, including a 5 page preview!

Also thanks to Aaron Percival at AVP Galaxy for sharing the news.

I almost forgot. If you want to read this infamous Willam Gibson script: just click HERE: Alien 3 William Gibson Script

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