Alien 3/Alien Covenant Paralles by Jason Leger

“Why ? Why are the innocent punished? Why the sacrifice? Why the pain? There aren’t any promises. Nothing certain, only that some get called and some get saved. She won’t ever know the hardship and grief of those left behind. They commit these bodies to the void with a glad heart. For within each seed their is a promise of a flowerand with each death no matter how small there’s always new life. A new beginning.”


I know what you’re thinking, A connection between Alien 3 and Covenant? That seems like a stretch. Well, here are some interesting parallels I found. It’s certainly worth exploring. The Alien movies are ripe with these type of comparisons, whether intentional or not.

The comparisons I talk about relate to the characters of Elizabeth Shaw and Newt. They both have an interesting contrast in the creation of the Xenomorph itself. Shaw and Newt were both innocent. Both bereft of their loved ones and left alone on a dangerous world. Both characters ultimately sacrificed by nefarious hands. Elizabeth punished for her innocence and sacrificed at the hands of David. Newt sacrificed at the hands of Carter Burke when her family is sent to the mysterious coordinates on Acheron leading the event that caused her death. Dying as young as she did, it goes without saying she died innocent. There was no promise either character would make it home. The innocent were punished. “The hardship and grief ” is noticeable on Ripley’s face throughout the film. In David’s case it is much more obvious given Elizabeth’s tombstone, picture and eulogy he composed for her. His “Dear Elizabeth”. The mention of the seed and flower is especially interesting as it bares resemblance to the creation of David’s “perfect organism”. Shaw was the seed the eggs grew from. And when we learn of Shaw’s fate she lays on a pillar like a dead flower slowly wilting. New life came from the death of Elizabeth Shaw. And the EEV crash brought death for Newt and new life for the Alien.

Alien 3 also features another unique comparison to Covenant’s main antagonist David8. David has played a big role in the creation of the Xenomorph and draws many comparisons to the character of Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost: Using temptation to trick anyone who tries to get in the way of his goals. In Alien 3 Micheal Bishop arrives in the furnace to greet Ellen Ripley. He claims to be the creator of the Bishop model android and quickly tempts Ripley with promises of a fresh start, a chance to have children again, and a normal life. This is something that would obviously tempt Ripley. Bishop’s interest is similiar to David’s as he hopes to ultimately use the Alien against humans or in David’s case, humanity itself. Both were disappointed when the film’s female protagonists rejected their offers. Ripley rejecting Bishop’s hopes of procuring a live specimen. And Shaw rejects David’s offer of washing planet 4 and building anew.

So, what do you all think?

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