Advent: A Study of David’s Lab and Mind

Well. This was a pleasant surprise. Not only did not I not expect any bonus features with my digital copy but I did not expect anything as awesome as Advent. My love for David’s Lab is no secret by now. The table and sketches tell such a story by themselves, it just captured my imagination. With Advent, it seems like Fox heard my cries and blessed us with this insight into David’s mind.

The short is played out from David’s point of view, as he sends out video transmissions documenting what he has done. At the onset, he introduces himself as “David, son of the late Peter Weyland”. Now this is interesting because he is now on a mission to destroy humanity, yet he still seems quite proud to be his son. Does he do this out of arrogance? Or just to prove how important he is? David claims he wiped out the Engineer’s world for her, to create a new Eden but she refused.  So in his twisted mind he did this all for love. Well, his view and interpretations of love. He thought they would build a new world together. Instead, Shaw became a dissection victim. Such is life.

David then proceeds to go over what he’s done during his time alone. David picks apart wildlife, plants, insects, and Engineer parts. He tears, clips, mixes and matches as much as his artificial heart desires. It’s a horrific joy to watch, which to me is a huge draw to the Alien franchise. David is doing terrible things, but man is it beautifully twisted. While the “black goo” “accelerant” “xenovirus”  “primordial ooze” or whatever you want to call it is not the most original story idea, watching David find use for it is awesome. You get a clearer understanding of what it is and what is does.  And Shaw, poor Shaw. There is not a part of her that David does not use for testing and experimentation. Her body, not only blessed with female reproductive organs, but probably still had remnants with her last run-in with the xenovirus. She was just too perfect of a test subject. The human body reacted in a way that the Engineers and planet wildlife did not.

Another key detail which I loved, is when David is discussing the Engineers and their intentions. He seems themselves as better than they are. The Engineers also were creators (I like the way David says that word, “cree-ate-tor”. It’s in your head now. You’re welcome), but were inferior because they sacrificed themselves for life. “Beings that understood that you give life to both the wolf and the lamb. But then they tried to banish the wolf, and undo their creation. So I took their secrets for myself”. Ah ha! David seems to confirm here that the Engineers did create the xenomorph and he is using is that information to bring them back with his vision. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than a bored robot being the sole creator of our beloved alien.

David reveals he is not quite done yet. With his hand hovering over Daniels, he says “My queen. Make no mistake this can change everything”. Oh really? There were theories going around that perhaps Shaw would become a Queen, but perhaps it’s Daniels? The Alien Queen is one of the coolest additions to the franchise, and I question exploring the creation of that. But then again, Ridley has shown he’s willing to throw tradition out the window for his prequel vision.

In closing out his transmissions, David reveals he’s left his diary of sketches for study. I’m hoping these are available to review on the blu-ray. I’ve wanted to dig deep into them since seeing the movie. He warns whomever is viewing the transmission that if they follow the instructions that “his” creatures will be set loose. And rule the galaxy. Fair enough, but I want to know how to make one at home!

Suffice to say, I enjoyed every part of this six-minute featurette. Seeing Dane Hallet’s and Matt Hatton’s sketches get even more attention and focus is too awesome. I continue to hope we get a David’s Diary book showcasing them even more. Whether you’re a fan or not of Covenant, this is a feature worth exploring. David has become one of my favorite characters in the Alien universe, and I hope we’re able to get one last story with him.

As always, let us know what you think and stay frosty..

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