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The journey to bringing fandom together is not a straight line. Much like Peter Weyland himself, I’ve had grand plans since forming this blog. But success is not a straight line. The contributions of the Alien Community stretch from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Podcasts to Tumblr to Blogs. There is so much that can be overlooked during your internet scan. But in an attempt to shine a light as much as I can, here is a distress beacon for the week. I hope to make this a weekly or at least a bi-weekly event.  Here are your links for the week! Go ahead take a look, you’ll like what you see…

Over at the  Nostromo Files old Starlog issues were unearthed for your reading pleasure.

Be sure to check out Yutani for a great breakdown of Advent!

One of my favorite articles over at Strange Shapes, a fantastic read on the Derelict from early concept to final incarnation.

Did you know about Alien: Earthbound? The unmade Alien 3 sequel? Read about it at Alien-Covenant.com

On the Twitter machine, NECA revealed packaging for the Burke/Xenomorph set! The Xeno is based on Cameron’s original design with the dome. Pretty cool!

Not Alien related, but if you’re a huge Blade Runner fan be sure to get in on the discussion at Shoulder of Orion, a podcast dedicated to the franchise. Presented from some of my brothers at the Perfect Organism Podcast.

Aaron Percival gifts with an interview with Odd Studios member Adam Johansen and a Creature Effects Supervisor for Alien Covenant. Give it a read here: AvPGalaxy.net


That should do the trick for now. As always, join the discussions on Facebook: Building Better WorldsAvP Galaxy FacebookWeyland-Yutani Bulletin

Have a great holiday weekend everybody!

BBQ and beer? On my way!


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