Episode 29: This is Xenomorphing, Signing Off


Dave, Devan, and Michael come back home to Gateway Station and have their final discussion for the Xenomorphing podcast.  In this farewell episode, the crew talk about their time being a part of an Alien podcast, what they enjoyed about it, and how much it meant to them.  They also talk about what they’re looking forward to as they shift away from the Alien series.  We’re so incredibly thankful and appreciative of you being with us for the last 2.5 years, and while Xenomorphing may be ending, the crew will be back with a brand new horror film podcast!  That’s right, we’re excited to bring you a new as-yet-unnamed show where we will review and discuss hundreds of films within the horror genre.  Stay tuned for more information!  Thank you again for listening, and stay frosty!

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