Episode 16: Destination Unknown, Crew Expendable


Dave and Ryan take a break at Gateway Station and meet up with two very special guests from Destination Unknown Beer Company in Bay Shore, New York: John Fraioli and John Kavanagh!  The guys spend the first part of the discussion talking about their love for the Alien franchise, how they got introduced to it, and why they think, especially the first two films, are such an indelible part of cinematic history.  In the second half, Dave and Ryan learn more about Destination Unknown and how the two John’s got started there.  John Fraioli explains how he ended up being the brewer and production manager at DubCo, while John Kavanagh talks about how he became a bartender and manager at the front end of the business.  They both also talk about why they love their jobs, how it’s helped them build relationships and the positive impact they’ve been able to have on others through their work.  If you’d like to learn more about Destination Unknown Beer Company, please check out the links below.  Stay thirsty, my friends!




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