Episode 9 – AVP: Requiem


Dave, Michael, and Ryan head over to Smalltown, USA to talk about the almost universally panned Alien vs. Predator sequel, AVP: Requiem.  There, the guys meet up with our first very special guest, Trent Shumway!  Trent is a freelance compositing artist who did uncredited post-production visual effects work on Requiem.  Trent talks to the crew about his time working on the film, and gives some great insight into what goes on during the post-production process.  He also reveals some surprising info about the behind-the-scenes decisions made for the film, and what it was like working with the film’s directors, the Strause brothers.  The whole group discusses what we liked about the film (if anything), what we thought went wrong, and if there is a future for the AVP franchise.  As always, thank you for listening!  Stay frosty!

P.S. – Along with his visual effects background, Trent is also an accomplished voice actor!  To hear some of his work, check out the links below!




https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1673488/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 (Visual Effects credits)

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