Episode 5 – Prometheus


Dave, Michael, and Ryan land on LV-223 to discuss the first of Ridley Scott’s divisive prequels: 2012’s Prometheus.  We talk about our first impressions of the film and what we enjoyed most about it, including the astonishing visuals, the Engineers, and some of the performances by the A-level cast.  We also talk about the problems we had with the film, along with the writing and editing issues that were highlighted in the Furious Gods featurette.  What are your thoughts on Prometheus?  Do you believe it is a worthy installment in the Alien franchise?  Let us know in the comments below!!  Also, we would love to have you join our “A Hive Mind: A Xenomorphing Facebook Group” if you have not already.  Thanks as always for listening!  See you at the Hive!

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