Retro Review: The Hidden (1987) by David Gogel

I’m not going to start with some wordsy lecture about what’s going in. I think it’s just time to give this forgotten sci-fi classic some well deserved attention. One of my best friends (What up Dan!) and I enjoy watching random/forgotten movies when we chill. He randomly suggested this, and I am glad he did!

The Hidden released in 1987, directed by Jack Sholder (Nightmare on Elm Street 2) and written by Jim Kouf (Grimm TV show creator, Gang Related). Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks, Dune) stars as FBI Agent Lloyd Gallagher and Michael Nouri (61*, Invincible) stars as police officer Tom Beck. The plot goes as such: Suddenly people who are normally law abiding citizes begin going on wild rampages. Gallagher partners himself up with Beck to track down the mystery.

The Hidden does not take long to get going. Security footage, bank robbery, intense car chase. You get an idea right away the threat we are dealing with. And there is no holding up. This villain murders everyone, with a special spot in their black hearts for Ferraris. The movie at times feels like the video game Grand Theft Auto mixed with science fiction. Yes, that’s as awesome as it sounds.

Folks, even if you’ve never this movie. You’ve seen this movie. Just about every science-fiction and horror show has used this concept: and alien being hops for host to host. When possesing the host, they become juuuuuust a bit prone to violence and murder. Like us when the wi-fi goes down. It’s all handled so well. Claudia Christian (as Brenda Lee Van Buren. Oh, what an 80s name!), Clarence Felder (as Lt. John Materson), William Boyett (as Jonathan Miller) all are excellent playing a possesed psycho alien.

There are more than a few memorable scenes, from the opening chase scene to the dude getting screwed to death. The plot moves along nicely, and you never lose interest. The growing dynamic between Gallagher and Beck is handled well, especially as we being to learn more about Gallagher. He also, is not what it seems.

I can not also stress how utterly classic the scene with the dog is. You’ll know it when you see it.

Unfortunately, this movie isn’t free to stream anywhere. I ended up renting it on Amazon for a whopping $2.99. More than worth it if you’ve never seen this before or need to be reminded how good it really has. This is a forgotten gem in the realm of science-fiction. Easily Gogel Certified. Go watch it!

I give it 4 out of 5 possesed alien psychos.

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