Alien 3 Audible Book Review by David Gogel

When it comes to books, I am old school. I either read them or I don’t. The idea of an audio book was always silly to me. Of course that was back when I had tons of free time and could read whatever whenever the hell I wanted to. With times different these days, I’ve finally given these new fangled technologies a try. I attemped the Aliens Audible, despite William Hope’s appearance I couldn’t get into it. Despite loving the Alien Covenant adaptation, the Audible did nothing for me either. Origins? I’d rather piss glass than revisit that. Alien : Out of the Shadows? Holy hell that was incredible, now THAT is how you do it. When they announced on Alien Day Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn would be taking part in the Audible version of William Gibson’s Alien 3? Man listen. Seriously, listen.

If you’re still not familiar with the William Gibson draft of Alien 3, it goes a little something like this: As the Sulaco returns from it’s mission on LV-426 it becomes the center of attention as the Union of Progressive Peoples intercept it on the way home. This is a real fun alternate take on what the sequel to Aliens could’ve been. And of course, hearing from familiar favorites helps. There is a nice twist on the Xenomorph life cycle, playing with mutations as well. I think this further proves that this sort of lore tweak makes more sense in a sequel, rather than a prequel.

Dirk Maggs, the mastermind behind the Out of the Shadows production also helmed this incarnation. Mentle note folks, if you see Dirk Maggs take a stab at that Audible. It legit felt like a movie. While the Dark Horse Comics adaptation was a treat, this takes it to another level. Once you hear Henriksen and Biehn back in the saddle as Hicks as Bishop again it’s game over, man! And as a bonus, Lorelie King voices MU/TH/UR as she did in Covenant.

The story is paced entirely well, as the two hour plus runtime never drags. I was listening to it as I was eating breakfast, and continued listening to it afterwards compltely losing track of time. Biehn and Henriksen do not phone in their performances (aka the Natalie Portman) and seem genuienly excited to brings these characters back to life as we are to hear them again. It brings a tremendous amount of clout and atmosphere to the production just hearing them. The rest of the cast is fantastic as well. Laurel Lefkow, once again reprising her role as Ripley from Out of the Shadows is a dead ringer for Sigourney Weaver. I had to read over the credits over again to make sure it wasn’t her. Impressive, most impressive.

The continued quality of Alien media continues. With plenty of rumors that aren’t worth your time continue to swirl, explore other parts besides the movie. Buy a comic, rewatch the 40th Anniversary Short, and most importantly purchase this Audible book or I will throw a facehugger at you!

Final verdict. As high a rating as one can get. Chuck Norris approves!

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