Comics: Alien 3, The Unproduced Screenplay Issue #1 Review by David Gogel

One of the more exciting announcements from this year’s Alien Day was Dark Horse revealing they will be adapting William Gibson’s Alien 3 screenplay into a comic book series. This was a nice change of pace from the norm, and gives the fans a chance to experience some fan favorites one more time. Between this and Dust to Dust (Which I’ll review when it concludes) life in the Expanded Universe remains good!

*Minor spoilers ahead, please don’t hover over the eggs*

This time Alien 3 opens up, not with a crash on a backwater planet, but with the Sulaco intercepted by the Union of Progressive Peoples. Violating a treaty along the way too apparently. A team flies in on a drop ship to investigate and manages to find a few surprises. As do the reader. There is an egg that seems to be growing out of Bishop’s innards! Well, that makes for a great visual. Of course, one poor crew member finds himself best friends with a facehugger. And it begins.

We next find ourselves sitting in on Company politics. While I’d rather piss glass than listen to political talk in real life, reading about Weyland-Yutani inner workings I can’t get enough of. The Company arguably worse than the creatures, and it greatly enhances the story when we get see just how evil they truly are. Understanding how they pull strings and why they do what they do gives us another antagonist

Johnny Christmas handles the art and adaption. The writing itself is great, it does a great job capturing the feel of a script turned movie. The art in this issue is solid enough. It may not jump out at you like the Defiance or Dead Orbit series but it gets the job done. The opening scene with Bishop and the egg is a clear stand out.

Overall, it’s a great start to the series. I applaud Dark Horse for going a different route with this latest series. Alien 3 is a nice departure from the usual crossover events. And quite frankly, I think fandom is excited to see some old favorites return. If you haven’t already, give this a purchase you won’t regret it.

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