Jonesy: Nine Lives On The Nostromo Advanced Review by David Gogel

Ladies, gentlemen, synthetics. I just completed three straight days of New York Comic Con. And it was glorious. The day before the show Titan Books tweeted out that Rory Lucey’s Jonesy book was going to be available early for purchase at their booth. And a free Jonesy stress toy too?! Sign me up!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved cats. It’s probably because we had four (!) of them when I was a boy then two more furballs later on. So it’s no surprise I’ve always had a soft spot for Jonesy. Now that I’m back to living by myself I’m incredibly tempted to finally get my own tabby cat and name it Jonesy. Just to fulfill that little kid in me wishes.

Rory Lucey himself is a cat owner, and you can tell. Each page is drawn with labor and love of someone who lives their lives by that of a cat’s presence. Rory perfectly captures what kind of shenanigans a cat could get into on a large space vessel. For those wondering, there is not a line of dialogue in this book. It’s all charmingly illustrated.

Our favorite orange piece of fur has plenty of fun scratching up the interior of the Nostromo, harassing the crewmates, and of course Ripley. During every big situation in Alien, we finally get a look and what Jonesy was up to. Cats and their curiosity, always leads to adventures. What Rory nails is the little details like the cat’s behaviors, and it makes the cat’s personality leap off the page and knock over your belongings.

It isn’t often our favorite franchise is presented to a group that is not of the R rated variety, but it’s a breath of fresh air. Despite the toned down vibe, it still feels like the Alien universe we all know and love. Ripley, Parker, Lambert, Dallas, and Brett are all lovingly realized.

This book is must purchase, especially if you have younger Alien fans in the household you’d like to introduce to the franchise. Jonesy: Nine Lives On The Nostromo is a worthwhile addition to any Alien fan’s bookshelf.

A furry satisfying 9 lives out of 10!

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