Weyland Industries : News and Links To Get You Through the Weekend

We are almost at August already? This is ridiculous. It has actually been an exciting last week or so for us Aliens fans. We have some news to chew on. Rumors of a TV show began surfacing, which is extremely exciting. With seemingly endless properties getting adapted these days it makes sense. I’m sure it will end up on a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. If/when we do get this series, my hope is for an entire new property. No direct connection to the past or present movies other than the creature itself. Give us something brand new to chew on.

I’ve already covered the glorious annoucement of Dark Horse adapting William Gibson’s Alien 3 screenplay. Catch up directly from Dark Horse here.

AvPGalaxy broke the news of a new Aliens novel titled Alien: Echo. In an interesting twist this is being released as a “Young Adult” novel. Fox is looking to expand it’s audience, and this yet another way to do so. Mira Grant will be writing it, and it will release on April 9th of 2019. A couple weeks before the next Alien Day. I am definitely not the target audience for this novel, but will I be reading it anyways? You damn right!

Speaking of novels released around Alien day (How is that for a segue?), The brilliant Cold Forge now has an audio drama. I am yet to give it a listen due to time constraints but I can not wait to give it a go. You can pick that up on Amazon here. If are yet to check out this book, now you have no reason not to. I’d love to see Cold Forge get some type of visual adaption. A graphic novel, animated movie perhaps? Alex White penned a (literally) bloody masterpiece, check out his latest “A Big Ship At The End Of The Universe” while you are at it!

San Diego Comic Con has just wrapped up and of course there was some Alien goodness to come out of that:

NECA teased the next wave of Alien figures, we finally received a glimpse of the Alien Resurrection figures. Ripley 8, the Newborn, and a Clone Xeno (Cloneomorph?) were shown. A set of more AvP arcade figures is on the way too. They also showed some Gremlins figures which I must have at least. No beer drinking Gremlin is a disappointment. But alas

(photos courtesy of Toyark.com, NECA and twitter)

And finally, if you missed it here is the latest trailer for The Predator. Get to tha choppa Here

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