Fan Spotlight: NECA David’s Lab

David prepares for his spot on Master Chef

The internet can be a wonderful place when used properly. I enjoy perusing my Twitter  (@xenomoprhing426, don’t be afraid to say hello!) timeline for hidden gems in the Alien fandom.  This is when I tripped on a spore and accidentally discovered these gorgeous dioramas. These are courtesy of: theartofruin @pmo_operations on the Twitter machine.

The attention to detail is wonderful. It looks like the new Covenant and Prometheus line were used for this lovely little creation with some homemade touches in there as well. David is from the original Prometheus line.  if you were looking to get one of him for your collection from NECA, good luck. But enough of that, here are the final two pictures. Thanks to theartofruin for allowing me share. Enjoy! And as always, stay frosty!




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