Aliens Defiance #11 Review



The mission has officially hit various forms of bottom. The Europa is plummetting towards the bottom of the ocean, and any hope for survival is bottoming out. Davis has seemingly sacraficed himself, Zula and Hollis now find themselves in the devious claws of Weyland-Yutani. Unfortunately, the aliens themselves are usually more preferable enemies than the Company. As our rebels are about to find out.

*minor spoilers ahead*

After ten issues of near perfection, I felt this issue is the first one to stumble it. The alternating past/present panels were a bit confusing. During some important plot points, it’s tough to connect the dots of what happened to who and when. Especially in the beginning which has Hendricks battling some xenomorphs and facehuggers.

To no one’s surprise, Weyland-Yutani isn’t happy with the adventures of Zula Hendricks. She’s wasted valuable company time and money. They waste no time arresting her and Hollis. Hendricks pleas for Dr. Yang, but is met with nothing but scoffs from her arresters. They treat her as you would expect, and has the pleasure of a Company employee operating on her back.

There is the usual great material for Hendricks in this issue,especially when she finally meets with Dr. Yang. There is no doubt they’ve developed her into one of the strongest and most unique characters i’ve ever read in any Aliens comics story. These days female heroes can be forced upon and end up generic (see: Rogue One), especially in the Alien universe where Ripley is a hero to all. It’s nice to see a fleshed out hero. I found the most joy in the nefarious Weyland-Yutani. Some excellent scenes show just how far they are willing to go to get that sample. Cunning, evil, cut throat and worst of all: smart. As Ripley infamously once said, “I don’t which species is worse. You don’t see them f-cking each other over for a goddamn percentage!”


Despite a it’s first misstep the issue remains strong thanks to strong characters and dialogue. I can’t imagine things getting any better for Hendricks and Hollis, and wonder how much strength they truly have left to keep on with their mission. We can only hope Davis managed to find a way to survive and pull them out of this terrible situation. Solid read, not a bad way to celebrate Alien Day at all.

Score: 7.5

Script: Brian Wood

Art : Eduardo Francisco

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