Aliens : Defiance #10 Review


There is an old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished”. That has been the case for Hendricks and her merry band of rebels since their mission against Weyland-Yutani began.  After a pirate invasion forced their hand with their cargo, they are now forced to head back to Earth where the Company is waiting. Not only that, but the dead Alien Queen sample will surely be sought after. Surely, it can’t get any worse?

The Alien Queen extracted from Hollis was supposed to be the key in defeating the creatures. It was supposed to unlock their secrets and make the battle easier. Instead, they needed Her Majesty to rid the Europa of invaders. The ship, and the creature are now done for. As they head back to Earth, Hendricks believe they are under the protection of Hendrick’s personal doctor, Dr. Yang. But, is she truly interested in her health and safety or just another Company employee doing her part to get her grubby mitts on the alien.

This series has stood out from most Alien comics due to the characters. They’ve been developed better than any other out there, and that’s important. The humans and non-humans in the Alien universe are more than just cannon fodder or plot devices. These are not 80’s slasher movies. Hollis was a great addition to the crew, but the relationship between Hendricks and Davis is the star. It especially shines in this issue. Even with all of the sexy xenomorph action sequences, the scenes they share here are some of the best so far. The sequences with Weyland-Yutani trying to weasel their way into acquiring their sample were excellent as well. It’s tough to keep that fresh as it’s a heavily repeated topic, but Defiance manages to make it work without the reader rolling their collective eyes.


Aliens Defiance has been so consistent, that rotating writers and artists don’t affect the quality. As always, go out and purchase this if you haven’t already. Alien Day is right around the corner, Dark Horse has a couple treats for us…


Score : 9.0

Script: Brian Wood

Art: Stephen Thompson


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