Alien vs. Predator : Life and Death #4 Review (Spoiler free)




The Good: Solid ending to the story arc…

The Bad: …perhaps a bit too tidy.

The Ugly: Being the mother of an Alien Queen.

Well, we’ve finally made it. This is the end of the main story arcs. Aliens, Predator, and now Alien vs. Predator are all in our rear view mirror setting up the big finale (Which of course releases on Alien Day 4/26). It’s all come down to Chris, the lucky winner of a Queen embroyo.

However, It’s not at the point where all hope is lost. Ahab and his Predator clan have taken a severe beating. Jill, Galgo, Paget and the rest of their survivors are all tired and withered. The dying xenomorph colony is without mercy as they try to capture Chris and have a healthy Queen to lead them. This breed has been mutated by the black goo and is unable to reproduce properly. It’s not a pretty picture for anyone involved.

This is why Chris decides to take everything into her hands. With her valuable stomach cargo the prize in this fight she puts herself in harm’s way for the greater good. While it seemed this is the path she was going to end up walking, the entire scene was well done. Lots of good character reflection and dialogue. It helped bring everything full circle, as they’ve all been to hell and back together.


All in all, Alien vs Predator: Life and Death did a much better job with the story than Fire and Stone. I felt at the end of Fire and Stone it got way out of hand and lost whatever momentum was built up to the point. This is where the more organized format did it’s job. The story, while not as ambitious as Fire and Stone was easier to follow and read. It all ends with a 40 page finale next month. I’m sure the Engineers still have something to say about what happened..

Score : 8.0



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